About The Writer

Hi, I am Dev, a full-time travel writer and photographer. I have been travelling and writing about my journeys for the past two years now. I was a journalism student and did my first job as a documentary writer for a community TV channel in Birmingham, England.

I quit my last job, in January 2015, as a business correspondent in New Delhi, to travel the world. Writing, however, always followed!

I started this blog ASavvyTourist to talk about travel tips and suggestions on how to best travel the world and make the most out of your journeys. From how to not feel lonely while travelling solo to recommended travel products, this blog will help readers plan their journeys better, and travel like a pro.

Other than ASavvyTourist, I also run another travel-blog called FootlooseDev, where I share more personal stories from the road and useful travel Guides.

I can also be followed on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.