Australia Travel Tips For The First Time Visitors

Australia is one of those rare destinations in the world that has something for every kind of traveller. It has beaches, mountains, road-trips like nowhere else in the world, a plethora of adventure activities, a rich cafe culture in cities and what not! And despite being one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world, millions of visitors from Europe, North Americal and other parts of the world flock to Australia for a holiday.

Speaking of myself, I have had two trips to Australia (one to Western Australia and the other to Queensland) in under six months and still couldn’t feel satisfied and planning another trip to Victoria already. So if you too are lucky enough to be planning a trip to Australia soon, read these Travel Tips for Australia and plan your visit better.

Travel Tips For Australia

Remember, Australia Is Huge

Unless you are planning a 6 month trip to Australia and are driving across in your own car, be very specific about where you want to travel in Australia. And rest assured that you cannot cover it all in one trip – given the distances and costs. I mean a flight from its one end (Brisbane) to the other (Perth) can take over 5 hours and cost more than how much it does from Bangkok to Delhi.

So while planning a trip to Australia, just stick to one state at a time and plan other destination on your next trip, unless, as I said earlier, you have at least 6 months in hand.

Australia Is EXPENSIVE

Budget at least $100-$200 USD per day for accommodation, food, and activities, if you want to travel decently. Transportation will probably be on top of that. If you’re staying in backpacker hostels and aren’t doing much than relying on supermarkets for food and a few evening beers, consider at least $60-$120 per day.

Additionally, if you are looking for ways to save on your trip to Australia, consider the following suggestions:

  • Fly with budget airlines like Tiger Airways, Jetstar and Flyscoot to fly internationally to and from Australia.
  • Travel overland between Australia. Use Greyhound hop-on/hop-off passes to save some cash.
  • Stay in hostels, buy groceries from supermarkets and cook your own food. Food in Australia is expensive.

Don’t Expect To Spot More Kangaroos & Koalas Than People

One of the fantasies of first time travellers to Australia is being surrounded by Kangaroos and Koalas at all times. It is sure possible to spot them in the wild and in national parks/reserve or further inland, away from the city buzz, but if you are just staying in cities like Brisbane or Sydney or Perth, the chances of finding them are next to none.

While kangaroos and koalas aren’t common in highly populated areas, other Australian residents are. You will likely see a lot of bats, possums, some snakes, lizards, plenty of spiders and other bugs, almost everywhere.

Carry A Sunscreen

I remember when I first visited Australia, I expected its weather to be somewhere similar to that of Europe – i.e cold and no sun, after all, Australia has a caucasian settlement and expecting white people living in temperature crossing 40 degrees is tough to imagine. But that’s exactly what you’re going to experience throughout Australia, except for its southern coast.

Australia is majorly a warm country, with most days being sunny and hot. I mean if we speak of statistics of South Eastern Queensland, it has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world! Just 30 mins in the Australian sun is enough to burn you to the crisp. So be careful and mind the sun.


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