Berlin Travel Tips

Visiting Berlin and feeling overwhelmed? I can understand. These ideal travel tips for Berlin are here to make your travel planning a smooth process.

  1. When in Berlin, don’t just focus on tourist attractions, but neighborhoods too. Neukölln, Kreuzberg, and Charlottenburg are all great neighborhoods to explore in Berlin with different vibe and ambiance.
  2. Most restaurants and cafes still don’t accept credit cards in Berlin. So a useful travel tip here to remember is to carry some cash with you in Berlin, always!
  3. As in any other country, tipping is appreciated in Berlin. But it’s not customary to tip. If you didn’t like the service, you are not expected to tip. But if you did, and you want to tip, 10% of the total bill is good enough here.
  4. Berlin is a green city with some amazing parks to explore. Tiergarten and Volkspark Friedrichshain and Körnerpark are some great parks to hang out and picnic, for budget-travelers.
  5. To get a taste of what locals eat in modern Berlin, you need to expand your palate and dive into the local restaurant scene. There are some amazing beer gardens too in Berlin (though of course, they cannot compete with beer gardens in Munich).
  6. Berlin-ers can be quite straightforward and not-beating-around-the-bush kind of people but in a good way. Try to make friends with people on the street and no one will actually mind.
  7. If you will compare Berlin to other big towns in Germany, you will find Berlin much more affordable. Where in Munich, you may need at least 50 EUR a day, in Berlin, you can have much more for that price.
  8. If you’re a budget backpacker and enjoy the idea of drinking in public, you’re pretty much allowed to drink in public, as long as you’re not interfering with other people. In Berlin, you’re free to drink in the parks, and on the streets. You’re not supposed to drink on public transportation, but you’ll generally be left alone if you’re not causing a scene.
  9. In Germany, Berlin is perhaps the best city for nightlife — especially clubbing.
  10. Berlin is huge, making it easier for everyone to find something of their interest.
  11. It offers a great hostel culture. The city has many well-known hostels, and they’re all priced very reasonably. This includes Wombats City Hostel, The Circus Hostel, Jetpack Alternative, and Pfefferbett Hostel,  among others.

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