Bratislava Travel Tips

The capital town of Slovakia is one of the three travel highlights of Eastern Europe’s Golden Triangle. Don’t miss it when you’re in the region. And if you’ve already planned it, read these ideal travel tips to make your visit to Bratislava better:

  1. If you are coming from another city in Europe, you can reach Bratislava by bus, plane or train. It is even possible to drive into Bratislava on your Schengen Visa. for budget backpacker, buses like Flixbus and ReggioJet offer competitive price tickets.
  2. A nice trip from Bratislava to Vienna (or vice-versa) by boat on the Danube River is an amazing thing to do.
  3. Unlike Prague and Budapest (its two neighbors) Bratislava is an old-fashioned city that sleeps early and wakes up early. I would not visit Bratislava to enjoy a party culture. I would visit it to explore nature, peace and have a quality time with friends and families (or even other travelers in the town, if traveling solo).
  4. Bratislava is not a huge capital, so it’s suggested to explore its old town on foot. The inner city center moreover has restricted vehicle entry. Most of the attractions in Bratislava are located in the center only.
  5. This makes parking in Bratislava unbelievably expensive.
  6. Bratislava may feel a little more pricey and expensive than Budapest or Prague. But if you will compare it with UK or Germany or Rome, Bratislava will look as a low budget destination.
  7. Don’t miss a visit to Hlavné Námestie or the main square. They can make your Instagram wall much better.
  8. f you plan to visit some less touristy parts of Bratislava, taking a dictionary or downloading some app translator might get handy. Though most of the youngsters do speak considerably good English/German now, older generations still tend to miss language skills.
  9. Bratislava is one of the tiniest European cities making it easier to explore it all in a couple of days, that too without hiring any guide or taking local help. Just visit the tourist information center in the city center, get yourself some maps and get going.
  10. On national and regional holiday, no shopping center or grocery stores are open in Bratislava.
  11. Remember, Slovakia is more than Bratislava. Meaning, where Bratislava offers a modern European feel, the countryside in Slovakia is still very traditional and old-school. So don’t think if you’ve seen Bratislava, you’ve seen Slovakia too.

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