Budapest Travel Tips

Visiting Budapest and not sure what to see and do there? Fret not, these ideal Budapest Travel Tips will help you plan your holiday much better. These travel tips will not only help you save a little more money but also experience Budapest like a real traveler:

  1. Hungarian currency, the Forint, converts to approximately 300 for every USD. Although this can leave you feeling like royalty things are not as cheap as you can imagine. Though it’s still cheap (just like the rest of Eastern Europe) you cannot think it cheap as southeast Asia.
  2. Hungary, just like other Eastern European highlights like Prague and Bratislava offers a great value for money for backpacker. If coming from Western Europe and cities like Berlin or Munich or Rome, Budapest will offer you a lot for a very little price.
  3. With an uncountable number of bars and nightclubs, Budapest offers an amazing nightlife with beer being much cheaper here than many other European countries.
  4. Do not forget to visit one of the ruin pubs when in Budapest.
  5. It’s fairly possible to drink in public in Budapest.
  6. Budapest has an amazing public transport system with one of its metro line being the UNESCO Heritage. When in Budapest, don’t forget to visit Tram Number 2 either, which takes you most of the highlights in the town.
  7. Budapest is chiefly divided into two parts: Buda and Pest. For backpackers, Pest is an amazing place to stay with many backpacker hostels and cheap accommodation and nightclubs. Buda, on the other side, is more expensive with very limited tourist accommodation.
  8. If you are staying in Budapest for just a few days and want to explore many highlights in a limited time, invest in Budapest City Card which gives you free public transport on top of a free entry to many museums and art galleries. It even gives you a free walking tour in Buda and a free walking tour in Pest.
  9. No visit to Budapest is complete without a trip to one of its famed public baths, or spas, of which there are 15. The most famous ones are Gellert and Széchenyi Thermal Bath.
  10. From the hilltop of Buda, the scene across the Danube is breathtaking. Don’t miss it. And to make it more interesting, grab a few beers from the local supermarket.

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