3 Ways To Budget Travel In The Himalayas

If India is one of the most budget-friendly countries to travel, the Himalayas in India takes the lead. Travelling in the Himalayas is so cheap that one can survive in under 500 Rupees a day. No, I am not kidding, as I have, myself, done it in the past.

Travelling in the Himalayas is moreover safe. And perhaps safety is the very first reason why it’s so easier to travel there on almost no money.

Here is my ultimate Budget Travel Tips for the Himalayas:

Budget travel tip in the Himalayas 1: Carry a tent

During my initial days of blogging, I mostly travelled around the Himalayan region and one reason for it was the fact that it was cheap to travel there. Cheap because while travelling in the Himalayas, particularly in the state of Himachal Pradesh, I relied on camping and saving 100 percent on accommodation.

From camping in Manali (one of the most popular tourist towns) to some of the far-out corners, I camped almost everywhere in the Himalayas and found it a great way to save a fortune.

Budget travel tip in the Himalayas 2: Hitchhike

Because public transportation in the Himalayas (particularly in the higher altitude regions) is poor, hitchhiking is highly accepted in the region. From trucks to private cars, people in the Himalayas, are quite familiar with the idea of hitchhiking. It’s moreover majorly safe to hitchhike as I have personally found.

Budget travel tip in the Himalayas 3: Stay & eat with locals 

Because mountain people are always so friendly and welcoming, I found it rather easier to be invited by a local family to host a traveller (for no reason) than anywhere else in the world.

Also because life in mountains is very unhurried, and for those who live there a little boring and repetitive too, when locals find any travellers interested in experiencing their culture they invite them to their house finding it a good excuse to find some change in the normal daily routine.

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