5 Useful Camping Tips To Always Remember

No wonder, camping is an ultimate fun. But, it can be a lot of work too. From setting up your tent to making the fire to everything else in between, it demands a lot of brain and things to be done in right way.

With a little pre-planning and the following hacks, tips and insider tricks, you can enjoy camping even more.

So, to help you make the most of your next camping holiday, I’ve put together 5 of my best tops:

Understand what kind of tent you need

I’ve seen a lot of people making stupid mistakes while buying a new tent. Understand where you’re going to camp. Does it rain too much there? Does your tent have poles strong enough to withstand the winds at the place you’re going to be camping?

Always invest in a good sleeping bag

While camping, you always need a sleeping bag which is slightly warmer than you think you may need. If the outside temperature at the place you’re visiting stays around zero degrees in Celsius invest in a sleeping bag that is comfortable for sleeping at 5 degrees below zero – because while camping, a good night sleep is the only key to a happy morning.

Always carry a headlamp

It’s pretty much inevitable that someone is going to get at some point in the night to use the bathroom. And even if you think you know where you’re going, it’s easy to trip over things in the dark. An easy way to give yourself some extra light is by carrying a headlamp. I’ve seen people using mobile phone torch while camping in the wild, and I always discourage that. Because while camping, and while camping in the wild, you need to have both of your hands to be free, to deal with the dark easier – only a headlamp can serve that purpose well.

Carry a mini survival kit

You probably already take a first-aid or emergency kit with you when you go camping, but a survival kit is more than just a first aid kit. Other than a few useful medicines, antiseptic, a survival kit holds a small compass, a whistle, flint and steel, and more.

Don’t forget the fire starters

And no, a lighter isn’t sufficient, especially if you’re visiting higher altitude regions. Moreover, campfires can be tricky to get started if the wood is damp. But can make the whole fire-starting process much easier by bringing a few homemade fire starters along with you. Carry a bit of kerosene or a special kind of wood that acts as a fire starter.

And a bonus… Ditch your tent for a hammock 

A hammock is lighter to carry and just equally comfortable to sleep in. It moreover allows you to actually sleep under the stars. So if the weather be nice and there is no chance for a wild animal to be roaming in the area. Ditch your tent, and just go for a hammock.

Last but not the least, planning for camping isn’t a bit deal, but it’s always better to be prepared and know the basics. Because as with every adventure, camping needs a little preparation too.

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