Frankfurt Travel Tips

Visiting the business capital of Germany, the city of Frankfurt? Then these travel tips is what you really need. From budget travel tips to what to see and do, they talk about it all.

  1. Frankfurt’s main attraction is its river Main. For anyone traveling to Frankfurt, an evening spent on the riverside with friends and some beer is a must-not-miss thing.
  2. Summer is traditionally considered the high season, and in winter, the time Christmas and New Year. So if you’re looking to find many travelers and experience a peak-tourist season visit during those time. If you’re a budget backpacker, avoid them!
  3. There are many day trips possible from Frankfurt. If you’re into wine, explore Rüdesheim and The Town Of Bingen for a wine tour.
  4. If flying into Frankfurt, take the metro which takes about 15 minutes to reach the city center.  Trains S8 and S9 go to the downtown. An alternative can be a bus, but in this case, the trip can be a little bit longer, but cheaper too.
  5. Just like any other European Town (which becomes even truer in Germany) public transport is the best way to get around in Frankfurt. If you want, you can buy the Frankfurt City Card to avoid buying a ticket for every journey. Bikes are also a great way to get around the city. Many locals use a bike to get around.
  6. Frankfurt City Card is a great option to save time and money if you are going to be staying in the town for just a few days and want to explore many attractions in a little time.
  7. The coldest month of the year in February, and the hottest one in August. Avoid the coldest if you can.
  8. Traffic can be crazy in Frankfurt. Avoid driving inside the city if you can.
  9. Frankfurt skyline is a thing to experience and the best time to do it is dawn when traffic is little and the city has just started waking up. Dusk can be a little crowded to enjoy the skyline in Frankfurt.

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