Munich Travel Tips

Munich remains one of the most favorable backpackers place in Germany but with that a little overwhelming too. From what to see and do to how to save money while traveling in Munich, these travel tips on Munich will help you a long way.

  1. There is no denying the fact that the highlighted thing to do in Munich is attending the Oktoberfest. But there are tons to things to do beyond that, or beyond sipping beers in beer gardens beyond Oktoberfest. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle, old town Munich walk, Dachau Concentration Camp, the town of Salzburg, there’s enough to see and do there.
  2. Munich’s main airport is Munich’s main airport which sits a little outside of the city. But thanks to its metro system it’s easier and quicker to get to and from the airport in just 45 minutes from any corner of the city. So the metro line is certainly the best way to commute to and from the airport in Frankfurt.
  3. If you have more than 1 person in your group make sure to buy the 19.60 € group ticket from the ticket machine to save money.
  4. While Munich has amazing bus connectivity, the best way is metro, connected with tram lines.
  5. You can also try renting a Vespa in Munich and getting around the town in a trendy way. Since a Vespa can be parked on the pedestrian path, it’s like enjoying the benefits of a bike on top of enjoying the speed of a moped.
  6. Since Munich is a big town, it’s better to stay in Munich for at least three nights, because less than that would mean leaving many (worth seeing) attractions in Munich. If you are in Munich for three days, check this Munich Travel Itinerary for more tips.
  7. Germans in Munich, for some reason, were moreover quite frankly and outspoken making Munich an amazing place for solo travelers.
  8. For adventure seekers, at only 1-hour train ride is the town of Gunzberg. Gunzberg is popular for skydiving in Germany. Costing just 200 EUR for a dive, this can be a lifetime experience.

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