Where To Travel In Thailand: North or South?

Thailand is a lovely place to travel. It has something for everyone: beaches, temples, mountains and a culture that is hard to miss.

Where many tourists end up visiting south of Thailand and with that, partying for weeks at its many exotic beaches, the north part of Thailand is also a great tourist highlight.

During my one month of backpacking across Thailand, I explored a few beach towns and island but also gave an equal amount of time to its north too. Chaing Mai, Pai, the historical town of Ayutthaya, they all were a beautiful highlight and offered a deep cultural insight into the country that south of Thailand, unfortunately, didn’t deliver.

North Thailand vs South Thailand

Where north of Thailand is more about exploring the culture and trying traditional food, South is more hip and trendy.

From islands like Koh Phi Phi and Koh Phangan, the southern part of Thailand offered nothing more than a party experience. I found south a more suitable place for those who want to party, get drunk and make friends during the process. Northern Thailand, on the other hand, offered a more beautiful insight into the country’s rich culture.

Visiting Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand’s culture, customs and cuisine are significantly different from other regions in the country. If visiting the north, don’t forget to spend a few days in Chaing Mai – the region’s cultural centre and a hub for northern Thailand tours. Other towns like Chiang Rai and Pay are also often popular with tourist activity. The north of Thailand (particularly around Chian Mai) is popular for their beautiful national parks, whitewater rafting and hiking.

Visiting Southern Thailand

The southern part and the island of Thailand are l located on the Malay Peninsula. Phuket, for example, is one of the most popular destinations in the region, particularly for Indian tourists, that offers magnificent white sand beaches and sparkling emerald waters. Modern beach culture and high-end beach resorts reign supreme in southern Thailand.

Watersports, particularly scuba is a great highlight in the south for tourists to find something exceptional. On the east of southern Thailand, lies the island of Koh Tao that is, in fact, most popular for snorkels and scuba divers.

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