7 Reasons To Try Hitchhiking While Travelling

The idea of hitchhiking may sound absurd to some, but I believe that one should try hitchhiking while travelling as much as they can. Though of course, you must have your wits about it and should be able to sense people before trusting them and decide to go along with them, but the fact that some of the best travel experiences (at least for me) are when you trust people, hitchhiking and other such things should not be disregarded.

I have had my best share of travel memories when I hitchhiked or stayed with a local in their house. Here are my 10 reasons for… Continue reading “7 Reasons To Try Hitchhiking While Travelling” »

Where To Travel In Thailand: North or South?

Thailand is a lovely place to travel. It has something for everyone: beaches, temples, mountains and a culture that is hard to miss.

Where many tourists end up visiting south of Thailand and with that, partying for weeks at its many exotic beaches, the north part of Thailand is also a great tourist highlight. Continue reading “Where To Travel In Thailand: North or South?” »

Travel Tips For Backpacking In Gujarat

India is a great country for backpacking, but when it comes to backpacking in Gujarat, things become a little complicated. And one of the reasons is a poor public transportation system in Gujarat.

Where travelling in Gujarat very safe, and the entire state has enough to offer for travellers of every taste, exploring it on a budget and exploring it while backpacking may not be a good idea if you’re not well versed about what to expect. Continue reading “Travel Tips For Backpacking In Gujarat” »

Travel Tips For Bangkok

Travelling to Bangkok and have no idea about what to expect? Read the travel tips for Bangkok below and prepare yourself well!

Visiting Bangkok for the first time can be challenging, particularly for those who belong to the more organised countries like Australia, or somewhere in Europe. And this is for a simple fact: Bangkok is the hub of backpacking in Asia, and offers a Wild West experience! Continue reading “Travel Tips For Bangkok” »

Useful Travel Tips For Cambodia

Cambodia is a lovely country to visit. Where on one side it offers a wild west experience, on the other side, it is comfortable and promising. But for anyone to be travelling Cambodia for the first time, a little preparation is needed, and for that preparation – a few travel tips to remember.

I travelled Cambodia last year during a 2 month backpacking trip across Southeast Asia and discovered it’s a fascinating land of extreme contrast and wickedly authentic adventure. From some of the wonders of the world in Angkor Wat to beautiful beaches Cambodia has it all. Continue reading “Useful Travel Tips For Cambodia” »

Stimulate Your Soul With Beach Shore  

Are you drained by the shove of your demanding life which doesn’t sanction you to give time to yourself and your loved ones? Are you planning to take a break from this chaotic lifestyle? Then how about a vacation or an outing which fosters you with the tranquility of frizzing sound of the sea waves and resplendent view of sandy shores which will invigorate your soul.

You can immerse in the resplendent frizzing sound of the sea and burst out by stilling adventure in your life. Here you will explore some of the best options that will definitely make you realize that if heavens actually exist then it is only on this planet. Continue reading “Stimulate Your Soul With Beach Shore  ” »

7 Budget Guesthouses In Goa

I know that a majority of people visiting Goa are on a tight budget. They don’t really care if the place they are staying at is nice enough, all they want is something cheap.

There may be some cheap option you will find online, but given below are the places I have stayed myself and found them not only cheap but also of value for money. Continue reading “7 Budget Guesthouses In Goa” »

Travel Tips For A Holiday In Meghalaya

Planning for a holiday in Meghalaya and not sure what to see and do there? Read these ideal Meghalaya Travel Tips and plan your trip better!

I travelled to Meghalaya almost a year ago in 2017, and since then it hasn’t happened to me once that someone asked about my favourite destination in India and I didn’t instantly spat ‘Meghalaya’ Continue reading “Travel Tips For A Holiday In Meghalaya” »

Europe Budget Travel Tips

Europe is a lovely place to travel, and it has something for everyone – from beaches to mountain trails to a great cafe culture. But where traveling to Europe is a great experience, the problem is, it is unbearably expensive, particularly for those who belong to weaker economies.

So if you’re planning a trip to Europe and money is a problem for you, here’re my budget travel tips for Europe: Continue reading “Europe Budget Travel Tips” »