Perth Travel Tips

Visiting the backpackers’ hub of Western Australia ‘Perth’ and not sure what to expect? Read these ideal Travel Tips for Perth and plan your trip better:

  1. Perth may just have the title of World’s Most Isolated City, when you’re in Perth you actually feel no isolation. There are enough pubs and restaurants and backpackers than anyone can solo travel to Perth and not get bored.
  2. The only problem is, the most of the shops and supermarkets close in Perth quite early (by 8 in the evening) so shop accordingly. Pubs and restaurants, however, remain open until. Try shops inside Train and Petrol stations to buy things of daily need during late evening hours. 
  3. Clubs are not open past midnight on Sundays. They are usually popping on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
  4. Though Western Australia is often blamed for a poor public transport, in Perth, you can find enough buses and metro lines to be easily visiting any part of the city, at any time of the day.
  5. If you’re looking to budget backpack in Perth, you’re going to have a tough time surviving. Perth has a bad rap for being one of the priciest cities Down Under and demands at least 50 dollars per day if you’re not doing anything but just eating, sleeping and taking one or two drinks in the evening. A little more fun, and it’s easy to bleed 150 or 200 dollars in Perth in a day.
  6.  Luckily, Perth is loaded with things to do for free too. Swim at the beach, stroll around Kings Park, admire a coastal sunset, check out local art and sculptures, walk along the riverfront, view the city from lookout points, or browse the many markets and festivals.
  7. Take a day trip to Fremantle and Swann Valley when in Perth. They’re two highlighted areas around Perth town.
  8. An ideal one day trip in Perth can also be visiting the Graffiti art in Perth.
  9. Maintain safety in Perth by wearing sunscreen, hats, sunnies, and light clothing while going out into the Australian sun.

Author: Dev

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