Prague Travel Tips

Traveling to Prague? Read these ideal travel tips for Prague to help you plan your holiday better. These ultimate tips will help you not only save money while in Prague but also explore town like a pro.

  1. Old town tower is a highlight in Prague that gives you a 360-degree view to the town down below – making it a must not miss in Prague. The only problem is the long queue.  It is worth investing a little and buy old town hall tower tickets online to skip the line.
  2. Remember, ticket kiosks you will find at train stations and other area emit no change in Prague.
  3. Visit the tower at Charles Bridge to get a quiet view of the city.
  4. If you are a budget backpacker, visit Prague during the off-peak season, i.e winter or fall. Peak tourist season moreover doesn’t let you experience the charm of Prague like in old days.
  5. One of the best things about Prague is morning and evening light. Get some pictures clicked on Charles Bridge at 6am with no one around you. It’s going to be the best memory.
  6. Old Town, is where most people often spend most of the time in Prague. Many people just explore the Old Town and start believing they’ve seen it all. If you want to beat the crowds and see a different side of the city, venture beyond Staré Město.
  7. Where Trams and buses remain working pretty much all night long, trains in Prague stop right at midnight.
  8. A tip of 10%-15% is customary in Prague.
  9. If you sit down to eat and find bread or pretzels on the table, just know they are not complimentary. If you don’t plan on eating them, ask the waiter to take it way. Remember, they are not free. You’re going to pay for them in the end.
  10. Astronomical clock show, which is another highlight (a free highlight rather!) and a thing to see while in Prague, in my view, JUST SKIP IT!

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