Rome Travel Tips

Visiting the cultural capital of the world and the most interesting town in Italy, the city of Rome? These travel tips will help you plan your trip and not feel overwhelmed with the excess of tourist things that can be done there. The will also help you to plan your budget smartly and not spoil your Roman adventure.

These ideal travel tips for Rome is for backpackers and anyone else traveling on normal people’s budget and schedule.

  1. The Vatican remains the highlighted thing to do in Rome, no wonder, but then again, be prepared to deal with the flock upon flocks of tourist that visit there. And to do so, I advise you joining one of the ‘skip the line’ tours that help you deal with the crowd in Vatican City.
  2. The Coliseum is the other thing that first comes to minds when thinking of Rome, making it another crowded attraction in the city. I recommend booking tickets online to avoid the ticket lines.
  3. It is worth going to the Coliseum after sunset, or before sunrise, to catch some great outside shots.
  4. If visiting Rome during summer, it is recommended to carry a suncap and apply some sunscreen because unlike Western Europe, Italy can be hot during summer.
  5. Piazza Navona, The Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Roman Baths at Caracalla and Saint Paul’s Basilica are some of the other highlights not to miss in Rome.
  6. Rome can be slightly expensive for most budget backpackers no matter what time of the year they visit.
  7. Unlike in countries like Switzerland and Germany, Italy is still a society where people exchange cash on day to day basis, and Rome is no different despite being a major tourist hub. Carry cash with you always to be able to eat and shop anywhere you want.
  8. Tipping is not obligatory in Rome but appreciated. 5 to 10 percent of the total bill is okay here.
  9. Order your coffee directly at the bar to avoid paying a service charge for being served at a table and have it cheap.
  10. If you are planning to take a bus in Rome, remember to buy the ticket before you board the bus because you can’t buy them on the bus. You can buy tickets at any tabaccheria in the city, little convenient shops that are designated with a large T.
  11. Always be mindful of your bags on public transportation and around key tourist attractions. Rome can be naughty.
  12. It is advised to dress modestly in Church.
  13. For budget backpackers, Sunday is the most useful day in Rome, because on Sunday most museums and other public attractions are free.
  14. Carry a reusable water bottle and keep filling it at one of the thousand drinking water fountains around the town. In Rome, finding fresh running water is no task.

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