Why It’s Important To Become A Savvy Tourist

When in 2015, I quit my corporate job and became a full-time nomad, I had no idea about how to travel. I would end up visiting lame places and getting ripped off wherever I went. My behaviour would speak highly of my inexperienced traveller-self. But now, after travelling full time for more than two years and travelling around the world, I’ve learned how to be street smart and make sure you get the most out of your travels. Though bad experiences still keep happening while on the road, it’s just that I’ve learned to handle them better.

And well, it isn’t just me. Most people aren’t born savvy travellers and only learn the art of travelling from their experiences. Street smartness is something that only comes with experiences. In the beginning, you make a lot of mistakes but with time you learn how to deal with them efficiently.

For example, when I initially started travelling, I always carried more things than I wanted. This particularly happened during my first backpacking trip to Bhutan. I carried with me a 90 ltr rucksack, full of stuff that only sat in my bag all across the journey. And I learned a simple lesson the hard way: Pack Light. Don’t carry everything you owned back home, because if you truly need something, you can always pick it up on the way. Overpacking is going going to make your holiday more challenging.

Naturally, in the beginning, you are bound to make such mistakes. And travel savviness is a process born of such mistakes: of missed buses, of foolish decisions and of countless other tiny errors. But as you travel more and explore more of the world out there, you become a seamless, a savvy tourist and learn to integrate yourself into new atmospheres easily.

So born out of those thousands of experiences are the many uncountable learning is this website that will cover the nitty-gritty of travelling business. Learn from me, and from dozens of other travellers out there who have been globetrotting for years — the art of becoming a savvy tourist!

Author: Dev

Hi, I am Dev, and I've been travelling the world full-time for over 2 years now.

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