Common Fears That Stop You From Travelling Solo

When I left home for my first ever solo trip, I had no intention of doing it. And it all happened because no one else wanted to join me. I moreover thought that solo travelling can’t be safe, must be lonely, and I would get bored.

But after a few journeys, I realised that solo travelling is amazing. It’s enthralling, educating, addictive and has its own benefits over travelling in a group. But it’s always the fear: the fear of being alone, the fear of feeling bored, the fear of not having someone to hold on to that stop people from travelling solo. Fear can hold a lot of people back. The following 10 fears are the common reasons why most people tend to stay at home:

Is solo travelling safe?

Yes, absolutely. Though safety should always be on top of your mind while travelling solo, and you should always have your wits about your surrounding, the fact that travelling on your own is nothing different than surviving on your own, you should be fine.

I mean you have survived on the earth this long because you have figured how to keep yourself out of dangerous situations. Travelling is no different. Except for a different neighbourhood and a different language, solo travelling is not going to be any different.

How would my parents approve

One of the common and most complex fears is making your parents believe that you’re going to be safe on your own. And it is only understandable, as they are doing it because they love you, and given this fact, they want you to be happy.

So ask them to trust your intelligence and the ability to keep yourself safe no matter what, and assure them that you have done your research and you are able to keep yourself out of obvious harm.

As for the rest, there are always naysayers. So, only make your immediate relatives believe that you’re going to be okay, everyone else with a negative opinion doesn’t need to be considered.

Won’t I get lonely?

This was my biggest fear too, of not having someone to speak with and end up feeling lonely. But as I trudged on my first solo trip, I realised that solo travelling isn’t really solo as long as you know how to say that first HELLO to people. Because just like you, there are thousands other travellers waiting to make friends.

The fact is that you will meet people — a great many people — on the road. It will happen all the time!

What if I get bored

If you’re an introvert like me, you may find solo travelling boring initially, but as I said, once you have learnt the art of saying that first HELLO you will do all fine. It’s moreover a good idea to carry a book or something else – a guitar, a dairy to write about your travel tales – to keep you entertained.

And then again, with new things, new locations, new situations getting unfolded everyday thing is sure, the chances of feeling bored are anyway quite slim.

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  1. Wow fantastic post Dev! I really didn’t read this kind of post earlier. I read many tips and mistakes of solo traveler but you have explained a detailed explanation of solo travelling fear. Literally my dream is to travel solo once in a life but my parents doesn’t approved my trip. Wonderful post you wrote. Thanks!

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