Srisailam Travel Tips

Visiting the Hindu pilgrimage site of Srisailam? Read these ideal Srisailam travel tips and plan your trip better.

  1. Srisailam or Mallikarjun Jyotirlinga is near Kurnool , AP. It is said to be one of the most ancient temple in India. And it is the only temple which has a Shiva Jyotirlinga and Shakti Peeth of Ma Durga.
  2. Srisailam Dam is also a tourist attraction. 
  3. Ista Kameshwari temple is situated in a dense forest of Nagarjuna-Sriailam  Sanctuary, a restricted area. Few numbers of jeeps are allowed daily to go through this reserve, and you have to come back before sunset. We trekked around 8 km through a forest. No roads, no dwellings, only pristine Nature all around.
  4. A temple of Ma Parvati situated in a natural cave is said to fulfill your every wish. The most striking feature of the idol is, it’s forehead is as soft as if she is a living presence.
  5. Papanashni near Kurnool, Shiva Temple, is a cluster of mostly ruined but beautiful temples near the confluence of Tungabhadra and Krishna river.
  6. Present Sangmeshwara temple was rebuilt by ASI. And Sangmeshwara Shiva was reinstalled here.
  7. Sangameswara temple Kurnool was submerged completely in the waters of Srisailam Dam. There is still a temple at this site but the old temple was rebuilt with great precision by ASI, and  Sangweshra Shiva was reinstalled here. It was at the confluence of Krishna, Tungabhadra, Bhavanasi, Veni, Hundri, Bhimarathi, Malapabharni , seven rivers. Shiva lingam is said to be installed by Pandavas when they were in Vanbasa.
  8. A temple is still at old site but the darshan will only be available for few days in summer months when the water receded.
  9. In Yaganti temple Shiva lingam was said to be installed by Rishi Agastya. Water comes out of Nandi’s mouth, and no one knows it’s source.
  10. Agastya cave where Rishi Agastya did his penance has 120 steps, almost scary because steps are very small and very steep. 
  11. Yaganti Nandi – it is a monolithic statue which is growing by an inch over the span of twenty years. There is a prophecy that at the end of Kaliyuga, this Nandi will come alive.
  12. There is also a Navbhrma temple. A Narasimha temple.

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