Stimulate Your Soul With Beach Shore  

Are you drained by the shove of your demanding life which doesn’t sanction you to give time to yourself and your loved ones? Are you planning to take a break from this chaotic lifestyle? Then how about a vacation or an outing which fosters you with the tranquility of frizzing sound of the sea waves and resplendent view of sandy shores which will invigorate your soul.

You can immerse in the resplendent frizzing sound of the sea and burst out by stilling adventure in your life. Here you will explore some of the best options that will definitely make you realize that if heavens actually exist then it is only on this planet.


Goa is the city which is predominantly known for its magnificent beaches and one such beach is Agonda beach. It is shielded under the palm trees and casuarinas and concealed by the large hill towards the south is Agonda Beach which is one of the most serene and rejuvenating beaches of India and best suited for anyone who is looking for a break from the hustle of metro life.

It is a pristine beach of Goa which is suitable for sunbathing, swimming and is a Ridley turtle nesting site which takes place in the month of September and as they are endangered species you have to maintain the peace and keep you mobile phones lights off so that they can nest at night. The best part is you will find exotic resorts near Angoda beach which are luxurious to budget-friendly resorts that will strikingly enhance your vacation.

This beach is ranked first as traveler’s choice by an international travel Website Company and is at number fourth in the whole of Asia. There are various means to travel this place as you can commute by the train, bus or by car or bike. The nearest station by train is Canacona station which is just about an hour away by driving.


Andaman is unquestionably a cherubic place on earth which can revive anybody’ exertion by its unearthly beauty and so is this beautiful beach which is a perfect assortment of turquoise blue water and white sand giving it an impeccable picturesque look with the placidity of loneliness of the island. You can visit this beach with your beloved and it will definitely prove to be the most romantic date ever. The best part is it is located at just 12 km from Havelock’s ferry pier crackling sound of the sea.

This place is not a huge water body and is just stretched up to 2 km of the area.  This beach is accolade with Asia’s best beach and World’s ranked 7th beaches by a renounced magazine survey. This is why it is one of the most visited places by the tourist’s and the ironic part is it has got crowd allured by it exalted image and at the same time if you walk few kilometers away from the start you will find serenity and calmness of nature.

This beach is located on the Havelock’s Island which is a chain of islands of Andaman and from there you can take a seaplane from Port Blair to reach the island and then the beach is 12 min away from island ferry pier. You can walk, sunbathe, or if planning for some sporty adventure then you can also try watersports there.


Kerala is an immaculate place for nature lovers as it perfectly depicts what best our nature can offer. Any individual whosoever visits this place cannot hold them to admire the untarnished beauty which is one of the most prominent beaches of Kerala. You plan a trip to this beautiful place with your family or with your loved ones. It can be a perfect site for couples who are looking for some quality time together and you can also book luxury resorts which are breathtaking and comfy.

It is also known as Papanasam Beach and is considered to be very sacred beach as it is believed that bathing in this beach washes away all your sins.  In order to be at leisure, you can also choose some of the best Ayurveda centers and spa’s which will aid you with de-stressing and soothing effect.

The Varkala Beach is a medley of blue water, landscape, and sand which makes it sumptuous giving you a congenial experience. You can either pacify your vacation or you can make it adventurous by opting for sports like swimming, surfing, parasailing, soaking and sunbathing etc.  It also facilitates you with all sorts of accommodation from reasonably priced to lavish resorts and hotels. The nearest airport is Trivandrum International airport and you can also commute by train or by road using your personal vehicle.


This magnificent beach is a hub of many opulent resorts in Goa and serves you with best service and succulent dishes on the beach-shack. This veritable beach perfectly fulfills the purpose of vacating in tranquility in the arms of nature.  Here you can enjoy the delicacy of sea-food and multi-cuisine restaurants that will stimulate your appetite.

It is located in the South Goa and the convergence of two water bodies, Sai River and the Arabian Sea. Here you can also relish local market which is famous for Indian artifacts, gift items, souvenirs etc.  You can explore numerous water sports like windsurfing, jet-skiing, speed boat rides, parasailing etc. and unwind from your stressful life.

This beach is perfect for scenic sunset which intensifies the composure of this heavenly place. You can get easy commutability for Cavelossim beach as it has plentiful transportation facility like buses, taxi, and autos. The nearest airport is Dabolim International Airport and the nearest railway station is connected to major cities of India. You can also book bus tickets online to ease your traveling experience and avail cost-efficient discounts by using coupons on Zoutons.


As alluded to the name itself this beach has the largest lighthouse in Kerala. This sterling beach is an array of growling waves, glittering sands, and shield of palms. One can undeniably find peace in the isolation of primeval beach.

You can delight in the adventurous sports like surfing, beach volleyball, sunbathing and swimming or else you can also relish the serenity of this place by just taking a long walk on the majestic coastline or by taking the pleasure of Ayurveda massage or a yoga session on the windy seashore.

This spectacular site can be enjoyed with family and friends or you can also woo your beloved on a romantic date. The nearest railway station is Thiruvananthapuram Central and the closest airport is  Trivandrum International Airport so there is no difficulty of transportation also as you can take a bus, auto or your own vehicle to travel to this location.


It is always better to have seclusion from the hustle of metro life and these splendid sites will definitely boost your soul. We are not exaggerating things further so that you can go and check out these majestic places on your own. We all need a break at some point to replenish our energy and motivate ourselves to get back to life. And, here we have listed the best options that one will surely not remorse to explore.

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