Stuttgart Travel Tips

Visiting the youth city of Stuttgart in Germany and want some useful travel tips for backpackers and other smart travelers? These few pointers on Stuttgart Travel Tips will help you plan better:

  1. If you love art, you are going to love Stuttgart. With its several art galleries (with the most beautiful being Staatsgalerie Stuttgart) and state museums like Württemberg State Museum, you are going to find enough to see and learn here.
  2. Stuttgart, with no doubt, is a city-to-be for motor lovers. It’s home to Mercedes Benz (where the car was born) and many other car museums. Mercedez Benz and Porche Museums are the best and must not miss in Stuttgart.
  3. If you’re into food, you will love Stuttgart. There are several known delicacies of Stuttgart that will end up on your Instagram wall, eg Swabia. Weinstube Am Stadtgraben or Gaststätte Zum Ackerbürger, both in the town center are two great places for foodies to visit.
  4. While not as renowned for beer as its Bavarian neighbors, Stuttgart is a city that celebrates beer. And if you’re one of the beer lovers, Schlossgarten beer garden in the city center and Aussischtsreich perched atop the city in the hills are two places for you.
  5. The best time to visit, just like most of Germany, is between March and October, this is when the winter is not too harsh and you can use the daylight to enjoy the most.
  6. But that also makes those months the peak tourist months. So if you’re a budget backpacker, visit during the beginning and the end of winter.
  7. Invest in Stuttgart City Card if you’re going to be staying in the town for just a few days, wanting to explore many places in a short time. Stuttgart City Card allows you an indefinite number of rides on the city’s public transport while offering discounted or free entry to many tourist attractions: including art galleries and museums like Mercedes Benz Museum.
  8. If you are arriving in Stuttgart by Airport, then you can easily get to the city center by train. It runs from early morning to midnight with the frequency of the train being every 20 minutes.
  9. Those who hope to travel around the city and explore local attractions are recommended to rent a bike. Daily rent will cost about 15 euros. Stuttgart, just like the rest of Germany, has amazing Bike Paths.

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