Travel Tips For Backpacking In Gujarat

India is a great country for backpacking, but when it comes to backpacking in Gujarat, things become a little complicated. And one of the reasons is a poor public transportation system in Gujarat.

Where travelling in Gujarat very safe, and the entire state has enough to offer for travellers of every taste, exploring it on a budget and exploring it while backpacking may not be a good idea if you’re not well versed about what to expect. Continue reading “Travel Tips For Backpacking In Gujarat” »

3 Reasons To Travel With A Backpack And Not A Suitcase

Since I have started travelling, 90 percent of my journeys are done with a backpack. I find carrying a backpack easier, comfortable and quite hassle-free while carrying a suitcase – everything else but that.

This doesn’t mean that I was always a backpacker. I tried carrying a rolling suitcase a few times, but every time I did, I found it curbing my movement one way or the other. Continue reading “3 Reasons To Travel With A Backpack And Not A Suitcase” »