Travel Tips For Backpacking In Gujarat

India is a great country for backpacking, but when it comes to backpacking in Gujarat, things become a little complicated. And one of the reasons is a poor public transportation system in Gujarat.

Where travelling in Gujarat very safe, and the entire state has enough to offer for travellers of every taste, exploring it on a budget and exploring it while backpacking may not be a good idea if you’re not well versed about what to expect.

With these travel tips for Gujarat, your backpacking experience may become a little smoother:

Don’t shy about hitchhiking: Since public transportation does not exist in Gujarat, especially in rural areas and the interiors of Gujarat, hitchhiking is the only way that’s going to get you places, so don’t feel shy of asking for lifts. When I was backpacking in Kutch in Gujarat,  I was hitchhiking almost every day. And if it were not for hitchhiking, I wouldn’t have travelled to most places that I did.

Carry enough water: Finding water in Gujarat can be touch particularly in the Kutch region. Moreover, with the entire state being warm and humid, it’s always a good idea to carry enough water with you, always!

Always leave early: Gujarat is a massive state, with crazy distances between any two places. Moreover, despite great road conditions, most people in Gujarat have a habit of driving annoyingly slow. It’s always a better idea to leave early to make sure you arrive your destination before it gets dark.

Avoid travelling in summer: Gujarat is majorly a hot state, with the tropical weather making it too tough to travel across during summer – i.e the months of March to October. While it’s still okay to travel Gujarat during summer if you’re on a luxury tour, for backpacking during summer, things may become just too challenging. So avoid doing that!

Try befriending locals: People in Gujarat are friendly. Throughout my 1 month of backpacking in Gujarat, I happen to find so many people who were keen to take me home for a few days and show their hospitality – just like it happens in the mountains. If by far, I always believed that people in Himachal Pradesh are nicer and kinder than you may find anywhere else in India, from now on, I’d like to list Kutchi people in the same category.  Befriending locals is a great way to make your backpacking journey in Gujarat a lot smoother.

Three offbeat locations I will recommend visiting during your backpacking trip in Gujarat are Nirona, Lakhpat and Bajana.

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