Travel Tips For Kerala

Kerala is one of the tourist highlights in India, with many travellers ending up in Kerala on their very first visit to India – with a little to no idea about what to expect from it.

If you too are visiting Kerala and have no idea about what to see, do and expect from the God’s Own Country Kerala, these travel tips will help you make the most of your holiday.

Kerala Travel Tips

Don’t forget to carry a sunscreen: With its tropical weather, Kerala remains sunny almost 365 days in a year, that too, with the intense sun peeking directly on you. To avoid getting a sunburn, it’s advised to carry a sunscreen in Kerala (and in fact, throughout southern India).

Carry full sleeve and full pants if you’re planning to cover temples: Temples in Kerala follow a strict dress code and don’t allow an entry if your shoulders and knees are visible. Make sure you carry proper clothes.

Best time to visit Kerala is between November and March: Because Kerala is a hot state, with temperatures in summer going beyond 35 degrees Celsius, and very humid and sweaty, the best time to visit Kerala is between November and March.

Carry enough water with you, always: To avoid getting dehydrated, carry enough liquid with you while travelling in Kerala.

Be prepared to drink local wine or nothing: Kerala is a dry state – meaning, there are no liquor shops throughout the state. If you’re staying in a 5-star hotel, you may find something in your mini-bar, but if backpacking, the only way to get drunk in Kerala is by relying on local drinks. Toddy, for example, is a common local alcoholic beverage available throughout the state.

Be prepared to eat with hands: A majority of people in Kerala eat with hands, with some restaurants (particularly those serving to locals) have no spoons or forks available. So if the idea of travelling in Karala is budget backpacking and eating at local joints, be prepared to eat with hands.

Don’t miss a chance to get authentic Ayurveda treatment: You can get authentic Ayurveda treatments in Kerala. However go only to those Green Leaf & Olive Leaf classified Ayurveda centres that are approved by the Kerala Tourism Department.

Try a train journey: If train journeys is a highlight of travelling in India, for Kerala, it’s A Beautiful Highlight. The landscapes you get while travelling in a train in Kerala are a total delight. If get a chance, chose a train journey in Kerala over a bus journey.

Remember, smoking in public is banned: Other than being a dry state, smoking is also forbidden in Kerala.

Avoid visiting remote areas in the night: Though Kerala is well known for law and order and is generally a peaceful state, don’t travel to remote areas in night hours as some places in Kerala are overpowered by indigenous tribesmen that like no intrusion.

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