Travel Tips For A Holiday In Meghalaya

Planning for a holiday in Meghalaya and not sure what to see and do there? Read these ideal Meghalaya Travel Tips and plan your trip better!

I travelled to Meghalaya almost a year ago in 2017, and since then it hasn’t happened to me once that someone asked about my favourite destination in India and I didn’t instantly spat ‘Meghalaya’

From being a perfect honeymoon destination to an adventurous one, Meghalaya has enough to offer to everyone: the only problem is, there isn’t much information available online about Meghalaya, other than a bit about a few popular towns like Shillong, Cherapunji, the popular root bridges of Nongriat and the Asia’s cleanest village Mawlynnong, among others. But the fact is, there is much more to Meghalaya than just the frequented highlights.

Top Places To See In Meghalaya

Nongriat: The village of root bridges is one of the highlights in Meghalaya, that lies about 4 hours trek from the town of Cherapunji. Another reason to visit Nongriat, other than the Living Root Bridges is the many natural pools where you can swim, relax and get pedicures.

Mawlynnong: Where India is considered to be one of the largest producers of plastic and a country that has no waste management system, Mawlynnong happens to be Asia’s cleanest village with zero plastic waste. The green lush surrounding and a no-plastic zone make Mawlynnong a must visit during your visit to Meghalaya.

Shillong: The capital city of Meghalaya is unlike any other capital towns of India. A great weather and a happening crowd, with food that is not only finger-licking-good but very cheap in price too.

Nohkalikai Falls: Nohkalikai Falls happens to be one of the biggest and mighty waterfalls in India. ts height is 1115 feet. The waterfall is located near Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on Earth.

Eating the traditional Khasi Dish Jadoh: Khasi is one of the biggest tribes of Meghalaya and if you love eating exotic dishes, then Jadoh is a thing to try. A traditional dish, Jadoh includes pig’s brain and intestine served with rice cooked in pig’s blood. Inspired enough?

When to travel Meghalaya

Since Meghalaya, just like the rest of the north east India is a major rainforest area, it’s advised not to visit during the monsoon season which is anytime between June and September.

The best to visit Meghalaya, however, is during winter (i.e between November and March) when the weather is mostly pleasant and guaranteed dry.

Other travel tips for Meghalaya

The best way to travel to Meghalaya is by flying to Guwahati, that always has cheap direct flights from most big cities in India, as Guwahati is the centre of all transportation in northeast India. From Guwahati, a 4-hour drive in a bus or a shared taxi takes you to the capital city of Meghalaya, that is Shillong.

People throughout Meghalaya speak good English (particularly women) so language is never a problem, unlike the rest of northeast India.

Unlike the rest of India, Meghalaya is majorly a matrilineal society, which means women take hold of all decisions. Having said so, Meghalaya is one of the safest places in India for women to travel.

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