10 Golden Travel Tips For Solo Travelling

Whether you haven’t found your travel partner or your friends have ditched you in the last moment, travelling alone is a lot different than travelling in a group, as when alone, you’re bound to manage everything on your own. So if travelling alone, these golden tips will help you make your journey smoother:

Stay Somewhere With Enough Positive Rating

Since there is no one to watch your back, you might feel vulnerable at times while travelling alone And in such a situation, you don’t want to end up staying in a place that is rather hostile or unsafe. Read guest reviews while booking a place on Airbnb or other platforms. When alone, one thing you want the most is a friendly environment.

Stay Somewhere With Free Internet

When I initially started travelling alone, I wasn’t a very good conversationalist. I often found it difficult to say that first HELLO to strangers and make friends. It was moreover the case that I spent a lot of time in the hotel (during my initial days of solo travelling) than exploring the place I was travelling to. If such is the case with you, make sure you book a place with free wifi to be able to use the time for Skype or Facetime your family and friends back home to recount your adventures for the day.

Try To Meet Other Travellers

Another way to break up the monotony of solo travel is to meet other travellers, which may sound easier to do but much tougher to practice. I have personally found that travellers are a happy bunch of people, who, just like you, are also looking forward to making friends. So just say that FIRST HELLO and you will see the conversation building up on its own. If you’re still not sure how to do it, use hospitality networks like Couchsurfing or Workaway and end up at someone local’s house to avoid being alone at first place.

Relax While You Eat

Becuase when travelling alone, you have enough time in a day to explore the city at your own pace, I advise people to sit down, relax and enjoy the meal. Meals can be a good time to unwind and be yourself, and you can always strike up a conversation with the waiter or bartender.

Either Drink Late Or Start Your Day Early

If the idea of pub crawling and going to nightclubs isn’t at all appealing to you, be an early bird instead. In the morning, you feel good, even if on your own. And there always are plenty of opportunities to sightsee and be at ease during morning hours. When travelling alone, I often get up early and stay out late at night and use the afternoon hours to nap at the hotel and/or relax somewhere else.

Do Something You Normally Wouldn’t Do

It’s natural that when you’re travelling solo, you might be hesitant to try new things in case they don’t go as expected and you don’t have someone by your side. But Solo travelling offers a perfect time to do something unusual that you otherwise don’t do while travelling with friends or family. For example, if your family trips are often laden with museum visits, when alone you can rather hang out on the beach, or vice versa. There’s always something you can do alone that you can’t do if you bring the kids or your family or friends along. Use the opportunity.

Take Plenty Of Pictures

I know it’s tough to click pictures of yourself when on your own and it often also feels a bit weird, but no one is asking you to be in all the pictures. Rather, take pictures of people on streets and the places you’re visiting. While you can always break out a selfie-stick, it’s not necessary to always do it. People around the world are always envious of seeing new places that they can’t visit. So click pictures. Photography is moreover a very effective thing to travel on your own, stay consumed by something, and not get bored.

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