3 Reasons To Travel With A Backpack And Not A Suitcase

Since I have started travelling, 90 percent of my journeys are done with a backpack. I find carrying a backpack easier, comfortable and quite hassle-free while carrying a suitcase – everything else but that.

This doesn’t mean that I was always a backpacker. I tried carrying a rolling suitcase a few times, but every time I did, I found it curbing my movement one way or the other.

Carrying a suitcase, over a backpack (if you are fit enough to lift it) is what I recommend you do while travelling, and these are the reasons:

A backpack assures flexibility and movement

I remember when I visited Australia last year, I blamed myself almost every day for carrying a suitcase and there was a simple reason for it: my suitcase made me hire taxis.

In Australia, distances from one place to the other is huge. It happened to me so many times that I had to hire a taxi because my hostel was 2km away from the bus station. Had I been travelling with a backpack, a 2km walk would have felt nothing, but with a suitcase, walking on streets is not only tiring but looks stupid too.

A suitcase curbs the movement. A backpack compliments it!

A backpack looks cool

The time has gone when carrying a suitcase was considered posh and high-class. These days, carrying a suitcase is less cool. While backpacks make you look young and vibrant, suitcases make you look old school and boring.

From Europe to India to Bhutan, backpacks are vaguely accepted now!

Backpacks keep you fit

And then again, carrying a backpack keeps you fit. I have myself become so fit after travelling all those years with a 60L backpack resting on my shoulders. It has moreover helped me appreciate the idea of travelling on minimum resources.

Just pay attention to how you wear a backpack initially to prevent back and shoulder pain. It’s easy to grab your backpack as you head out the door, even simply slinging it over one shoulder. But wearing a backpack wrong can lead to more pressure on the neck, shoulders, and back.

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