Travelling Solo For The First Time? Don’t Be Scared

I know travelling solo for the first time can be scary. But remember,  you’re not the first one who is travelling solo. There’s a well-marked trail of solo travellers out there. And if they can do it, so can you!

First-time travellers are more susceptible to making mistakes and fell into traps of touts. I remember when I became a full-time nomad, back in 2015, I was an inexperienced self myself. Travellers would take me for granted and avoid me, while locals would look for excuses to rip me off.

Well, it’s inevitable to look like a novice traveller and be ripped off and make mistakes the first time you travel, just the same as you would make mistakes in any other facet of life.

So, making mistakes is inevitable, but what’s important is that you feel confident and get the most out of your travels.

I mean, walking off the beaten path and travelling to places you’re not familiar with is, of course, scary, but as I said, you aren’t the first person doing so. Just go with the flow and you will realise that everything is going okay.

It’s possible that during your initial days of solo travelling, you will miss a few buses, but that’s all a part of gaining experiences. So just go with the flow and let the random moments shape your experiences. Let serendipity do its work.

Travelling is nothing tougher than being at home, just try to get a hang of your surroundings and act accordingly. Adapt as much as possible by doing research on what to wear, how to carry yourself, and what is acceptable behavior. If possible, try to learn a few phrases in the local language of the place you’re visiting too and you will see that there was no reason to be afraid of at first place.

I mean before you even end up in a new place, you already know the obvious stuff like not being flashy and not getting intoxicated unless you know the people you are with. There’s no magic formula apart from being aware of and respecting your surroundings.

So leave your worries behind. Solo travelling has nothing to be scared of. Don’t let fear hold you back from living your dreams.

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