Vienna Travel Tips

Planning a trip to Vienna and not sure what to expect? Fret not, these ideal Vienna travel tips will help you plan your holiday to Vienna better.

  1. When in Vienna, rely on public transport to save an extra buck and travel like the local Viennese. Public transport in Vienna is well developed and buses and trams operate from as early as 5 in the morning until midnight, and beyond. After midnight, one can find special night buses on main streets in Vienna.
  2. As I said, getting around Vienna is easy. If you stay within the inner ring of the city center in the First District, you can easily walk just about everywhere. However, your feet can get tired use the underground and Trams as the cheapest and easiest mode of options to wander around.
  3. Uber is the most commonly used taxi service by digital nomads.
  4. If public transport is not your thing, you can also rely on taxis and taxis are rather cheap in Vienna. The only problem is, their availability since Vienna is a big tourist hub and tourists love taxis.
  5. Most of the shops in Vienna, as well as the city center, are open until 6 pm only so be prepared. Though restaurants and pubs remain open until midnight, its only with the shops that will give you a CLOSED sign early in the evening. Shops near railway and bus stations work until 11 pm.
  6. It’s customary to leave tips in local dine-in restaurants. The usual tip is often 10 percent of the total bill, however, anything more than that will never be left unappreciated. Tips for taxi drivers and hotel employees are also quite appreciated and a well-known trend in Vienna.
  7. It’s possible to rent a car and drive in Vienna as most people in Vienna drive with rules. The only mandate is that the person should have a valid EU or an international license and should be at least 21 years old.
  8. If you’re looking to exchange currency, the best place to do is the city center, followed by some known banks that offer the most favorable rate.
  9. Coffee culture is a thing to experience in Vienna with the most popular coffee houses often being crowded. To avoid the wait, grab your coffee before 12 pm or see if you can make a reservation.
  10. English is pretty widely spoken in Vienna and other parts of Austria, even if not proficiently at least enough to get by in most restaurants. Most young people speak good English in Vienna.
  11. If you are going to be staying in Vienna for limited days, and want to cover most of the tourist highlights, invest in Vienna Card that offers options for 24, 48, or 72 hours of unlimited travel on the public transportation lines; as well as discounts at museums, shops, and restaurants. Starting April 1, 2017, it will also include a hop on, hop off bus tour. Just validate your card on your first trip on public transportation to activate it.
  12. Expect rain if you visit in November or March and possibly snow during the winter months. It was pretty windy during the months of September and October.
  13. If you’re on a budget, it is advised to avoid traveling Vienna during the peak tourism season of July to September. Austrian school holidays begin in July so certainly avoid the month of July.

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