Western Australia Travel Tips

Western Australia remains the most unfrequented places for travelers, with very limited information (unlike for regions like Queensland and NSW) available on the internet. In 2017, I spent almost a month traveling a bit around Western Australia, basis on which, I jotted down these few top travel tips for Western Australia.

So if you’re planning to visit the Western Australia region and aren’t sure what to expect, these travel tips for Western Australi will help you plan your trip better:

  1. If Australia has poor public transport network, Western Australia has the worst. And to make it annoying, whatever little network of buses and train you find there, are unbelievably expensive, making it better to drive across the region with a few friends and share the petrol and vehicle cost then traveling solo and bleeding unnecessary money to the public transport in Western Australia.
  2. TransWA is the best and most reliable public transport system in Western Australia.
  3. May-June was the best time to visit Western Australia, this is when the daily average remains between 20 and 30 degrees. Other seasons, except for the summer are also not to bad to be visiting Western Australia. Avoid the months of summer as Western Australia is quite dry and bushfire is quite rampant.
  4. Though it applies to entire Australia (given its isolated and vast geography) it’s possible that Google Map often lies while you drive across the territory in Western Australia. So if covering some offbeat paths, be sure to cross check with the local knowledge and offline maps.
  5. And just like with most of Australia, when driving in Western Australia, the most useful travel tip for you can be: fill up on every gas station.
  6. If you’re going to be sleeping in the caravan or in a camp, remember to carry fly nets with you and/or mosquito repellants.
  7. There will be enough places to experience sand dunes in Western Australia. When you spot one, don’t miss sandboarding – it’s one of the most typical local things to do in Western Australia.
  8. Also, don’t miss a chance to explore the Pinnacles.
  9. When in Western Australia, give yourself a lot of time to go beyond what was originally planned and explore.
  10. It’s also possible to hitchhike in Western Australia as doing so is not often looked down upon as in Europe and other sophisticated territories around the world.

Here’re a few more useful Travel Tips for Western Australia

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